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Sigma In Your Life...


Attending college is more than a formal education. It's getting along through good times and bad. It's facing new challenges and frustrations; its memories indelibly etched in your mind for a lifetime.

Phi Beta Sigma can play an important part in making your college experience positive, fulfilling, and rewarding. Phi Beta Sigma nurtures individuality while providing greater opportunities for Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Service. Phi Beta Sigma is continuity from yesterday to today to tomorrow. It's yesterday with its traditions and goals carried on from generations past. It's today as a home away from home and a center for your college activities. It's tomorrow as a creator of friendships and ideals that will last your whole life.

Remember, the parties and step shows come and go, but the brotherhood will last a lifetime. Fraternities have personalities. As you would measure an individual, so you should measure a fraternity. Phi Beta Sigma seeks to attract young men of vision and character. Such young men will mold the future of the Fraternity and carry its ideals and principles on to the next generation. We hope you will consider the part Phi Beta Sigma can play in your life.


What We Do

Locally, the brothers of the Alpha Theta Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma are involved in a great many endeavors geared toward the betterment of our local community. From volunteering for local civic organizations, donating books, clothes, and coats to less-fortunate, we have shown a commitment not only to our brotherhood, but to the people of the City of Fort Worth.


"Why Should I Join?"


This is a question that all of us have asked. Perhaps the most apparent offering of any fraternity is Brotherhood. This bond is alive and well between all brothers of Phi Beta Sigma. This bond is made possible by our working together on chapter projects as well as brotherhood events where we just take time to have fun. The brothers here enjoy the same bond with brothers worldwide.


This idea of Brotherhood is part of all that we do as a fraternity and filters into many aspects life. The strength of our Brotherhood comes from the wide variety of men within our Brotherhood. This is not to say that every man can join Phi Beta Sigma, but that within our Brotherhood, there is room for many different types of men. Phi Beta Sigma does not attempt to clone its members; the individual talents of each man are seen as beneficial to the whole.

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